Monday, June 2, 2014

Never Let Me Go

I'm behind.  I actually read this book in the first half of April.  So bear with me as I play catch up.

I have read an Ishiguro book before - The Remains of Day - so I know he's good at using unreliable narrators.  Or, at least, narrators who who stick their head in the sand and hold on tight!

Never Let Me Go is accessible and approachable.  The narrator, Kathy, feels like an old friend telling you about her school buddies.  Which I am sure is part of the point, as you sympathize with her even as you come to realize that she and her friends are very different in a key way.

It's a quiet book.  Whoever designed the cover picked up on this, with the watercolor feeling.  A few moments of high drama, and the rest is subtle.

You could call this horror, although almost everything horrific is left unsaid.  Many people pick it up without knowing it is science fiction.  To be honest, I didn't know, either.  I knew there was a twist to it, and that you should just read it and go with it.

So, I did.

Final call:

I felt a little bit like I knew Ishiguro's tricks already.  Of the two, I feel like The Remains of the Day is a little more satisfying.  But this one is good, too.  Read it!

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