Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birds of the Flamingo

We had a few extra minutes Thursday, so we walked up to the Flamingo. I had almost forgotten that they have a courtyard with quite a few water birds.  

Most of them are exotics to North America, but they did have a few California Brown Pelicans.  This is an angle where the bird looks particularly comical.  This one was doing a version of what I figured was panting, with the big pockety part of its bill flapping back and forth.

And here we have a type of whistling duck (white-faced, maybe? the exact name escapes me).  This duck was actually making its namesake noise from time to time.  And then, of course, you know the Flamingo would have to have flamingos.

Not super-thrilled about the whole live-animals-as-decorations aspect of this exhibit, but I still couldn't resist a spin through.  They're there already and I didn't contribute financially to their continued imprisonment.  That's about the best I could do.

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