Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Virtuous Woman

This is a very, very short novel.  That said, it's wonderful.  I think what surprised me more than anything is that it gets pretty mixed reviews on Goodreads.

I think the problem is that, like, "city folks just don't get it."  I'm joking, of course, but I think there might be a kernel of truth in there, somewhere.  Jack and Ruby are what most would call rednecks, although Ruby didn't start out that way.  They might be hard to relate to, for a lot of people.

Anyway, obviously, I'm not one of them - everything here rang true to me, except the very end.

The frame of the book is that Ruby's dying of lung cancer, and Jack's dealing with it, and you learn their history along the way.  Plenty of raw emotion and people making do with what they have.  I amazed at how much good stuff is packed in to such a short book.

Final Call:

This will take you about 3 hours to read, tops.  Please invest the time :)

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