Saturday, March 15, 2014

Auction action

We were at Middle Creek this morning for sunrise, and those pictures will be coming soon.  But first, on the way home, we stopped at Penryn Fire Company's mud sale.  People donate pretty much every kind of goods imaginable and then they're auctioned off to benefit the fire company, and in this case, also a local Amish school.

Despite growing up in PA, I'd never heard of mud sales until moving here, and this is the first one I've checked out.  I was picturing something ... much smaller in scale!  At any given time probably 10 different auctions were going on.  Plus food, oh man, the food.  What a month to decide to eat healthy.

The antiques tent, where the entry was marked by a large cow figurine.  Would love to know what it went for (and where it came from!).  Competition for antiques was intense.

Some categories had their own tents, and others were on flat-bed trailers outside.  If you look closely at this next shot, you can see vees of snow geese in the air.  Penryn is not far from Middle Creek!

Here was where the plant auction was set up.  They had some fantastic stuff - weeping pussy willows, red twig dogwoods, all kinds of things.  There's a reason we didn't get a call number; I probably would've have impulse bought those dogwoods (couldn't afford not to - $7 a piece) if we had one.  lol.

And when I said they had everything, I did mean everything.  Here's their outhouse selection!


  1. Are they called 'mud' sales for obvious reasons?

    1. Oh, yeah! Because they are held in spring and it is usually mega-muddy. This one definitely was!

    2. Good to know in case I ever happen upon one. Note to self: don't stop if you're wearing nice shoes ;)

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