Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A new Mercy Thompson book

This is the eighth book in a series that I have grown pretty fond of over the years.  I have been on the library's waitlist for about a month, and last week I finally got it.  And read it in two days; these go down easy.

I guess you would call these books urban fantasy - there are all kinds of supernatural characters.  Mercy shape shifts to coyote form, she's married to a werewolf and is part of his pack, and there are vampires and fae and other wilder beings to spice things up.  And Mercy's smart, scrappy, and has a tongue that could strip paint.  

Usually urban fantasy series that become popular end up warping into some sort of unrecognizable crap by the time they get this far.  I have a lot of respect for Patricia Briggs, because her series stay on track.  I have read three of them and a few stand alone books and she is consistently great.  You never get the sense she's churning out whatever comes to mind to keep up a-book-a-year publishing rate.

   Final call:

If this is at all your bag of tea, try Mercy out.  I can't think of a higher quality series of this type out there!

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