Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bath time in Brazos Bend

And, no, I'm not talking about me.  Anyway, we were camping.  Baths were few and far between!

The baths in question were being taken by birds, of course.  On our first day, we stopped in at Brazos Bend State Park to the southwest of Houston.  We were really just looking for a place to eat our lunch, and picked this place off the map. But the entrance fee ended up being well worth it!

We ate in a large shady picnic area that bordered on a small lake.  A little pavilion was located out over the water, and off to the left edge, in perfect lighting, white ibis and black-bellied whistling ducks were cleaning up.

But my favorite thing about watching these two birds were the faces and gyrations they would make in the process.  All calm and reposed one second, wacky and bending in crazy ways the next.

That ibis looks like me when I have too much caffeine.  Except for the standing in water part.  

And this, I don't even know how to begin to caption this one :)

It was at Brazos Bend that we realized something else could very well be in the water:

Alligators!  Yep.  It never dawned on either of us that alligators might be around in a warm swampy climate.

One of the other neat things about lunch was getting to see people walk past this sign and have their kids ask questions, and hear the parents make up stuff about the alligators to get a rise out the kids.  One parent told his kids that the alligators made these giant scrapes in the lawn.  

We thought he was just trying to scare the kids, but after getting up and looking at them, I think maybe he was telling the truth!

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