Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Blooms

The daffodils have taken over the back yard, for now.  With a few tulips second in command.

I have the names of the varieties of all my daffodils written down, somewhere.  When we bought the house, the yard already had plenty of big, bold yellow ones, so I welcomed the infusion of a bunch of fancier white ones from my mother-in-law.

These tulips are sort of new.  They had been languishing in a pot where they never bloomed.  I finally remembered to relocate them into a flower bed, and voila!  

And another primarily white type of daffodil.  You can't tell from the picture that these are pretty large for daffodils.  When the daffodils, paper whites, and hyacinths are all in bloom at once, it's one of the hands-down prettiest times in the garden :)  

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