Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Following Up a Great One

Anil's Ghost
by Michael Ondaatje

Read on November 10, 2015. 

Two things brought this book to my attention. First that it's by the author of The English Patent, a book I adore. Second, it's set in Sri Lanka, a literary location I don't think I've visited. The plot, set around the investigation of war crimes by the government against civilians, seemed promising. 

And, the thing is, it is a good book. Anil has depths, her relationship with Sarath has delicious tension, and Sarath himself is complex. The setting is strong; it's an atmospheric book.

All that being said, it did not impact me in the same way that The English Patient did. Part of that may be that there is no great destructive romantic love driving the plot, part may be that there are just very few books that can rise to the same caliber. Even from the same author.

Final Call: 

If you like this, try:
Ondaatje's other books would be a good place to start, because he's a Sri Lankan native. I'm also planning on reading Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala, which documents her grief after a tsunami affects her family holiday in Sri Lanka. 

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