Thursday, January 23, 2014

More from Monday

Believe it or not, I did more than look at birds all day Monday.  Or, to be exact, I noticed some other stuff while I was out looking for birds.  Given the recent weather, ice and snow were an unavoidable secondary theme to the day.

At the Falmouth river access, there were several puddles, except that the water had receded.  All that was left were the icy caps, sunken in and full of interesting cracks and bubbles.

Another interesting aspect to Falmouth is that it's just north of Brunner Island, a coal-fired plant on the banks of the river.  It's actually not far south of Three Mile Island, either, but the view in that direction is obstructed.  

Although it makes complete logistical sense, the amount of industrial and power-producing facilities that use this river amaze me.  Off the top of my head, I can name two hydroelectric dams, one coal-fired power plant, and two nuclear power plants in the stretch that runs between York and Lancaster counties (plus a smidge of Dauphin).  


  1. Lovely photo, that last one! My husband is a painter and the Susquehanna is often a source of inspiration. I'm visiting your blog from (I think) your Dad's! I enjoy both!

    1. Thanks for coming by Jessica! I love living so close to the river. There's always something different about it, depending on the weather, the season, the time of day.

      I'm not sure if you came by way of Willard (my Dad) or Coy (my Uncle) but either way, it's good reading!