Tuesday, January 14, 2014

River crossings

The Veterans Memorial Bridge is easily the neatest thing within 5 minutes of my house.  A dramatic 1930s design paired with piers of even older bridges.  So you'll likely be getting quite a few shots of it here.  

Not really "On the Road" but you may as well be as curious about where you live as you are about other places.  Keeps life interesting.  Plus, I commute over the neighboring bridge, which gives me a good opportunity to scope out current lighting conditions and weather effects every afternoon.

This evening showed a rising fog that made the old bridge appear to be floating, when viewed from the Rt. 30 bridge.  From the shore, lower down, the fog blended into the water and made it seem like the old peers and 1930s bridge were drowning.

The ice of last week is quickly melting, dislodging, and freeing the surface.  

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