Monday, January 20, 2014

Today was for the birds - part two

The Ross's goose was great, but I had a few other avian highlights in the afternoon.  Here's one.

I was able to track down a snowy owl six or seven miles south of town, again in open farmland.  This owl is in addition to the three east of Lancaster city, one just found today north of the city, at least three that were seen once and never again, and one that was relocated here from the Philadelphia airport (and promptly flew right back).  

The second was a visit to Safe Harbor dam.  I'd heard that a large group of bald eagles was present.  I counted at least 15, and my gut tells me that there were actually more.  

For example - when I arrived their were 6 eagles on this power line tower, 2 sitting in the trees underneath it, and 4 on the rocks to the right.  I don't know for sure, but I assume the eagles are dispersing from Conowingo dam further south on the river, where large numbers overwinter.  It's right about now that bald eagles start thinking about nesting, believe it or not!

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