Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On the Road: 2014 Year in Review

I don't think the blog did a great job of representing this part of my life.  You didn't really get anything after mid-September.  Of course, I entered hard-core study mode right about that time, so that's probably why.

But this has been a banner year for being on the road, nonetheless.  A wonderful trip through coastal Texas and Louisiana, TWO trips to Las Vegas, and journeys to old haunts on the New Jersey coast.  And an extra-long weekend exploring a new-to-us area of my home state, Pennsylvania's Northern Tier.

And multiple trips to visit family in Dayton, Ohio, and Fulton County, Pennsylvania.

Some favorite memories?  Of course.  The best part of traveling is ending up in situations you just have to laugh at, lucking into neat activities and restaurants and moments in time, and being outside of your normal routines and worries.  Here's some that made the list for 2014.
  • Beach camping in Texas, particularly unknowingly picking an area where clothing was optional.  When the lady at the bird refuge told us that the next day, all I could say was, "Well, that certainly explains a few things."  Also the old, possibly crazy, guy on the beach asking us if we were there 1) with Audubon, or 2) to shoot porn.  lol.
  • Two "work days" at the Farm.  Having family and the communion of work was wonderful.  My Uncle did a much better job documenting these than I did.
  • Austin Dam in northern PA.  Just such a funky little place and it suited us perfectly.
  • A day in Dayton where we unexpectedly had to entertain ourselves, and came up with a mini microbrewery tour on the fly.
  • Being in Vegas for the 4th of July and Halloween, and the fireworks in particular.
  • Eating a super-fantastic muffaletta sandwich on the banks of the Mississippi in New Orleans.
  • The Ohio "perfect day" of going to Jungle Jim's International Market, Skyline Chili, and the Ohio Valley Antique Mall.  Which includes being stiff-armed by my mother-in-law into buying ALL the antiques :)
  • And while we weren't the ones 'on the road' it was a lot of fun to get to hang out with my cousin Chad and his wife Sandy in September!
There are other ones, too, but since they involve birds I'll hold them for that wrap-up post.

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