Friday, January 9, 2015

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

Hilary Mantel is one of my favorite people, based on the first two books in her Cromwell trilogy.  So, when I saw her newest book of short stories on the shelf at the library, I thought, "Why not?"

Only the title story had much of the style that is so captivating in the Cromwell books (Wolf Hall  and Bring Up the Bodies).  That last story is top notch, and quite daring in its way.  The Long QT is another of the stories that stands out from the others.  

The other stories, well, most of them I was pretty "Meh." about.  Interesting, but not knock outs.  

Final call:

Borrow the book from the library, read the last story, and "The Long QT."  Then go read her Cromwell books.

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