Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On the Wind: 2014 Year in Review

Thirty-two new birds this year!  Most of those get blamed on Texas, but there were a few pick ups very close to home, too.  Here's the list from eBird.  This one gives me 34, but.  I have seen Red-Headed Woodpeckers and Gambel's Quail before, they were just somehow not entered into eBird yet.

Alphabetic TaxonomicLocationS/PDate
1White-throated SwiftRed Rock CanyonUS-NV05 Jul 2014
2Juniper TitmouseRed Rock CanyonUS-NV05 Jul 2014
3Gambel's QuailDesert NWR--Corn Creek (Field Station)US-NV05 Jul 2014
4Black-chinned HummingbirdDesert NWR--Corn Creek (Field Station)US-NV05 Jul 2014
5VerdinDesert NWR--Corn Creek (Field Station)US-NV05 Jul 2014
6Bullock's OrioleDesert NWR--Corn Creek (Field Station)US-NV05 Jul 2014
7Red-headed WoodpeckerHill FarmUS-PA29 Jun 2014
8Black-billed CuckooGem RoadUS-PA10 May 2014
9Bay-breasted WarblerHigh Island--S.E. Gast Red Bay (UTC 054)US-TX25 Apr 2014
10American Golden-PloverBolivar- Crystal BeachUS-TX25 Apr 2014
11Mississippi KiteRollover Pass (UTC 056)US-TX25 Apr 2014
12Franklin's GullRollover Pass (UTC 056)US-TX25 Apr 2014
13Black TernRollover Pass (UTC 056)US-TX25 Apr 2014
14Blackburnian WarblerHigh Island--Boy Scout Woods (UTC 055)US-TX25 Apr 2014
15Fulvous Whistling-DuckAnahuac NWR (UTC 049)US-TX24 Apr 2014
16Mottled DuckAnahuac NWR (UTC 049)US-TX24 Apr 2014
17Least BitternAnahuac NWR (UTC 049)US-TX24 Apr 2014
18SoraAnahuac NWR (UTC 049)US-TX24 Apr 2014
19Cliff SwallowAnahuac NWR (UTC 049)US-TX24 Apr 2014
20Tennessee WarblerAransas NWR (CTC 037) (Aransas Co.)US-TX20 Apr 2014
21Cerulean WarblerGoose Island SP--Campground areaUS-TX20 Apr 2014
22Long-billed DowitcherPort Aransas- Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Ctr. (CTC 057)US-TX20 Apr 2014
23Wilson's PloverPadre Isl. NS (Kleberg Co.) (CTC 063)US-TX19 Apr 2014
24Aplomado FalconPadre Isl. NS (Kleberg Co.) (CTC 063)US-TX19 Apr 2014
25Reddish EgretPadre Isl. NS (Kleberg Co.) (CTC 063)US-TX19 Apr 2014
26White-tailed HawkPadre Isl. NS (Kleberg Co.) (CTC 063)US-TX19 Apr 2014
27Snowy PloverPadre Isl. NS (Kleberg Co.) (CTC 063)US-TX19 Apr 2014
28Sandwich TernPadre Isl. NS- Malaquite Beach/Visitor Ctr. areaUS-TX18 Apr 2014
29Glaucous GullSusquehanna River--WrightsvilleUS-PA08 Feb 2014
30Red-necked GrebeSusquehanna River--WrightsvilleUS-PA04 Feb 2014
31King EiderNummy Island--Toll BridgeUS-NJ02 Feb 2014
32Snow BuntingStone Harbor PointUS-NJ02 Feb 2014
33Ross's GooseMasonic Village--Serpentine PondsUS-PA20 Jan 2014
34Common GoldeneyeSusquehanna River--WrightsvilleUS-PA09 Jan 2014

Some favorite bird memories from 2014 are:
  • Goose Island State Park in Texas.  Just sitting at the site's picnic table and watching a Cerulean Warbler and a Golden-Winged Warbler hopping around in the same tree, like it's no big deal.
  • An incredible evening in the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge in Texas.  Golden light, very quiet, and the sky and marshes crawling with crazy birds.
  • A snowy owl on an very cold, very quiet day at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.  We had to walk into the refuge, and it showed us a brand new side to the place.
  • Several tremendously cold sunrises over the Susquehanna, watching winter ducks before heading into work.  A very zen way to start the day.
  • A morning walk in Corn Creek Station, north of Las Vegas.  Trying to catch all the birds before the mercury hit 100 degrees.  And the piece de resistance, the Greater Roadrunner we caught hanging out in the top of a tree!  Here's the pic again, because I like it so much.
  • And OMG, I can't believe I forgot - my scope!  This summer, I finally got a nice scope, after a few years of scheming and saving.  This has been a real game changer in my bird watching abilities!

I have 435 birds on my life list now. It's getting a little harder to pick up new species, but I still like getting out there and seeing who's hanging around :)

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