Monday, August 3, 2015

Irish Details - Dublin Part 2

Our first full day in Dublin did not go as planned, for better or worse.  Poor Justin, who had not been feeling well at all, felt even worse.

We hadn't planned on navigating the Irish health care system, but unbelievably, we were able to visit a doctor, get and fill two prescriptions, and have him back in bed at the apartment in less than an hour and a half.

Since we had spent most of the trip to date walking through fields, I was sorely behind on buying souvenirs.  So I took the opportunity to wander through the city, shopping as I went.  Here's my afternoon:

This is Georges Street Arcade, a market with stalls and more permanent stores.  I spent way too much money in this shop, they had a lot of quirky and creative handmade glass crafts.

After this, I was getting hungry, so found lunch near the arcade, just by reading signboards till I found a lunch special that piqued my interest.  This place had Spanish onion soup and a hummus sandwich.

Alcohol was a definite no-no for Justin, so I took this chance to visit a little microbrewery near our apartment, and sneak a drink.  Ireland has absolutely no shortage of pubs, but really, the variety of beers available is pretty small.  The craft brewery trend hasn't hit them head on like it has us here in the U.S.!

Another great thing about Dublin - there are almost as many bookstores as there are pubs.  Which is saying something!  I spent some pleasant minutes knocking around in a few, and picked up a nice little stack of reads.  Later, I went down to the Queen of Tarts in Cow's Lane, and had a wonderful dinner paired with a chocolate cake slice done up to go.

Walking around on my own in large foreign cities isn't something I'd necessarily plan to do, or even think would be fun, but faced with it, I actually had a really nice day.  Fortunately, in the mean time, the medicines had sent Justin on the mend, so we could do some joint sightseeing on our last full day in the city.

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