Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Rest of Shenandoah

After visiting Rapidan Camp by trail, we returned to the campground to find our site surrounded by about a dozen hikers fresh off some long-distance hiking on the AT.  We thought maybe they'd be tired, and therefore sedate, but noooooooo.

We got tired of their extended and exaggerated loud yapping and so decided to go watch the sunset from one of the overlooks along Skyline Drive.

I took these shots with my phone, and took the opportunity to goof off with filters.  I like both effects, but I think the black and white edges out the color.  If you can't tell from the photos, this was both a beautiful and a relaxing evening.

The last rays of the sun caught a blooming shrub in a particularly nice way.  When I don't know what a shrub is, and it's flowering, a lot of times I'll say that I think it might be a viburnum.  So, folks, this is a viburnum ;)

And well, you know what?  I forgot one of the best parts of the campground.  Justin walked just a short ways into the woods from our site, looking for downed wood.  He wasn't gone long when I heard a "Pssst!" followed by a "Bring your camera!"  I could not imagine what would stay still long enough for me to get down there, much less take a picture.

Turns out it was this fellow - a very small fawn who was very suspicious of our activity.  Not wanting to cause any undue stress (life's hard enough!), we left pretty quickly and didn't alert anyone else to its presence.  

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