Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Irish Details - Dublin Part 3

Our last day in Ireland was spent hoofing it around town, catching a few things I'd seen before and a few new things, too.  All in all, a great day.

Our first stop was Trinity College, which has both the Book of Kells (an elaborately illuminated medieval copy of the Gospels) and the spectacular Old Library.  This is a panoramic shot of the inside of the Old Library.  Yes, that's two stories of floor to ceiling book shelves in ornate galleries.

Next up was a visit to the National Museum, which houses archaeological finds from all over the island.  Jewel-encrusted was a common descriptor :)

Then, a nice walk through two big public open spaces:  St. Stephen's Green and Merrion Square.  These are Mute Swans in the ponds at St. Stephen's.

The day also included traipsing through residential neighborhoods with the fancy Georgian doorways the city is so known for.

We ended the walking tour with a trip to the Chester Beatty Museum, located in Dublin Castle.  The Castle is a big sprawling office complex, of which only a small part looks anything like a castle.

I couldn't take pictures inside the museum here, but it was fantastic.  Chester Beatty collected early manuscripts and illuminated scrolls from around the world.  There are amazing exhibits on Japanese birds & flowers art, early copies of the Quran, fragments of early Bible texts, and so much more.

I could take pictures of the park-like Oriental Gardens inside the Castle walls.  Later this night, we decided to simply visit a supermarket and make a picnic dinner for our last meal in Dublin.  A nice thing about the city is that little and big markets are within walking distance, and prices are really no different than I would expect in the stores I normally shop at here.

We were able to pull this together for about 20 Euros, including some beverages.  A very nice way to end the day, and the trip!

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