Sunday, November 23, 2014

Out of the Easy

As I was still trying to heal from A Discovery of Witches, a friend loaned me this book.  It's a young adult book, technically.

Some of my favorite books are young adult books, so I was game.  And this was really quite a nice read.  Josie's likable, she's quick on her feet, and she has her human moments, too.  The relationship triangle is not at all what you think at first, that's a plus.  

A few problems here and there, like when characters occasionally break out in modern slang despite living in 1950s New Orleans.  And some things are just too pat, like the heroine deciding she just has to go to the university that a random woman in a book store tells her about, despite having never heard of it before.

Final call:

Maaaaybe even four stars.  There's a fair amount of meat here, and a big helping of entertainment.  It'll only take you a few hours to read it, so you might as well get started!   

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