Sunday, November 23, 2014

The bad, the good ...

As I was studying, and when I was still reading for fun, I quickly realized I needed fluff.  I saw Deborah Harkness's A Discover of Witches for like $3 on Amazon and picked it up.

This was a decent book, at first, but it quickly spiraled into insanity.  Really quickly.  In lieu of reciting all the terribleness myself, just go here and read Whitley's review:  Reading With a Vengeance.  It's way more detailed and way more entertaining than anything I could provide.

After that travesty, I sought refuge in one of my favorite authors, Cherie Priest.  I knew Priest's latest book is the start of a new series.  Maplecroft is Lizzie Borden's story, if Lizzie had to deal with Cthulhu.

I was not at all aware that this was Priest's homage to H.P. Lovecraft, but that ended up being a pleasant surprise.  You know, this isn't my absolute most favorite of her works, but she is just one of those authors that you can trust to deliver a good story that's written well.  

Final call:

A Discover of Witches

This book literally does not make sense.  Any sense. At all.  This is my first one star review!


And this book will revive your faith in storytelling.  Choose this one, in a heartbeat.  How on earth is Harkness more well-known???

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